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Balanced for iPhone reaches 100,000 downloads in just 10 weeks

October 2, 2013

Melbourne, Australia - Jaidev Soin, the Australia-based developer behind life improvement app Balanced, announced today that the app has reached 100,000 downloads in just 10 weeks. Balanced is a motivational tool that helps users focus on doing more of the activities that matter to them. The app's smart prioritization, simplicity, and positive feel have been heavily praised by users, and play a large part in the app's success.

Jaidev, Balanced's creator, says, "As an independent developer I never dreamed Balanced could be this successful; the response has been amazing. I'm committed to refining and improving Balanced to increase its appeal even further. The app's success so far is a great achievement, but it's just the start."

Quick Facts about Balanced:

  • Price: Free (with an in-app purchase)
  • Available for: iPhone & iPod touch
  • Launch date: 24th July 2013
  • Top countries: USA 36%, UK 6%, Germany 5%, Canada 5%, France 4%
  • Top activities added: Meditate, Read, & Hit the Gym
  • 12,000 activities are marked as done each day (one every 7.2 seconds)

A driving force behind Balanced's success is that it doesn't try to make users feel bad for the things they aren't doing, like so many other goal setting or to-do apps. Feedback from early prototypes showed that users naturally felt guilty for not doing more in their lives, and were trying to get away from that guilt. Based on this, Jaidev developed Balanced to be positive, forgiving, and most importantly to help users feel that their lives are on track and under control.

Shortly after launch, Balanced was included in Apple's New and Noteworthy section, and peaked at a top 10 Productivity ranking on the App Store in the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, and 46 other countries. This early boost allowed the app to gain mind-share among users, and has helped it to compete against established players in the life improvement field.

Balanced is a to-do list for your body and soul

August 6, 2013

Struggling to make time for what you really love doing? Balanced is a new to-do list designed to help you do more of the things that bring true joy and satisfaction to your life. Whether it's catching up with friends, meditating, or discovering new music, Balanced aims to keep you motivated and mindful using a low-guilt, high-positivity approach that was refined over months of user trials.

On average we spend almost 20 hours a week watching TV, and those of us with smartphones are checking Facebook 14 times a day. Balanced was built to help you escape such distractions and get the most out of life.

"Sometimes we lose sight of what's important to us. We get distracted, and we forget about the little things we find special," said Jaidev Soin, the creator of Balanced. "I want people never to forget what's special to them. For each of us, what we find special is unique, and it's part of what defines our identity. Balanced helps you remember what those special things are, and motivates you to keep doing them."

Balanced is only for the things you love, with no room for chores or tasks. This allows the app to cleverly sidestep the resentment of our to-do lists. By combining a purely positive list with rewarding animations and regular praise, Balanced strives to make sure you always look forward to the activities on your list.

You will also experience this positive approach with reminders. Instead of telling you what to do, most reminders are in the form of questions, such as "Have you rewarded yourself today?". At the start of the day, Balanced will suggest things you might want to do soon. In the evening, the app will let you know if there is something you have been doing particularly well, allowing you to finish the day on a high note.

Simply having a list of things you love in your pocket can be motivating, but Balanced provides so much more. Your list intelligently orders itself so that what's most important is always at the top. Using intuitive 'balance bars', it also shows you when you last did each activity, and gives you helpful 'do soon' and 'do now' indicators for when it's time again to do something awesome for your life. When combined with the daily reminders, Balanced has all your mindfulness needs fully covered.

More than just a to-do list, Balanced is a supportive companion that helps you stay motivated on the path to happiness. To quote one of our users: "Using Balanced is like having a little person in my phone that acknowledges what I'm doing - a little record, witnessing and encouraging. It adds a sense of achievement to the things I love, and improves my life in a subtle but substantial way."

About the creator

Jaidev Soin is an independent app developer based in Melbourne, Australia. He has a focus on simple apps that improve our lives such as his previous app, Smile More. He got into app development as it allowed him to leverage his background of programming, user experience and statistics to touch others' lives in meaningful ways.